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Padule di Fucecchio Nature Reserve

The Padule di Fucecchio, a roughly triangular basin, extends over almost 2000 hectares of land south of the Pistoia mountains, in the Valdinievole area, which was once almost completely submerged by these waters, between Montalbano and the adjacent hills of the Cerbaie. The waters that feed it descend directly from the pre-Apennine slopes.

The most interesting naturalistic area is the one that surrounds us, located mainly in the Larciano, Ponte Buggianese and Fucecchio.

The territory represents a remarkable tourist attraction, both from a florofaunistic (birdwatching) and landscape (photography) point of view.

Since 2013, the Padule di Fucecchio, together with 6 other Tuscan wetlands, is part of the list of wetlands of international importance according to the Ramsar Convention.

An ancient lake-marshes that once occupied a large part of the southern Valdinievole, still represents the largest Italian inland marsh and forms the backdrop to a totally protected area as a Nature Reserve by the project created by the European Union in 1992 to conserve habitats and species, animals and plants.

Wonderful are the nature walks, on foot or on horseback, to discover herons, storks, night birds and the incredible protected flora.

The Padule di Fucecchio Nature Reserve is equipped with structures for visits which also include three wildlife observatories, one of which was created by converting one of the characteristic Padule huts.

Download the observatory brochure here: http://www.zoneumidetoscane.it/sites/default/files/u4/riserva_naturale_padule_di_fucecchio.pdf

Here you can find the program of organized visits: http://www.zoneumidetoscane.it/it/visite-guidate-nel-padule-di-fucecchio-e-nelle-aree-vicine-2