Home holidays in Larciano Tuscany


A family...an enchanting setting.

Incanto Toscano is a place where you will get in harmony with nature.

Delightful and comfortable apartments...

Where your children will feel comfortable and have the opportunity to run around in the clean air.
Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and you need not to bring stuff from home.

You will enjoy the beautiful outdoor area…

and a fantastic garden where yuor family can sit and stay close.
In our six-hectare garden, you will learn about native plants and ancient fruits which are typical for our environment and region.

All the family will have fun...

with the balance path, the labyrinth, the ping pong or crossing the marshy little island with typical plants of the Padule di Fucecchio area.
In you want, you can also...simply enjoy the sweet doing nothing, relaxing and watching herons.

Your children...

will have at their disposal a playground with slide, swing, a tent to dream adventures, and facilities to play football.
In spring-summer, the pool is also open.

If you need it...

You can request, free of charge, our “childhood kit” which includes:
• meal kit (small dish, bowl, glass, cutlery)
• self-standing high chair
• chair high chair
• baby cot
• potty
• baby bath tub
• children stool
• toilet baby seat
• indoor playground
• a variety of books and toys to be chosen on site.


The magic world of children at Incanto Toscano

Incantopoli is part of the garden of Incanto Toscano and offers simple and fun outdoor adventure trails.
Each adventure is designed to entertain young and old people, and to learn.
If you are lucky, you can meet Incantina La Leprottina (a cute hare that lives at Incanto Toscano) and Incanto Toscano’s mascot. She often jumps happily on the grass.

Here you have a description of the activities at Incantopoli:


The path of the enchanted leaf

A path in which Incantina la Leprottina will make you learn to recognize trees, their leaves and fruits. Create your own explorer's booklet, reading the curiosities of the plants that surround you and finding the trees with stamps of the leaves to be printed in your booklet.

Download the adventure booklet here


The treasure of plants

Incantina La Leprottina makes an excellent quince jam. With the help of the map below, you will find the Podere dei Frutti Antichi (that is the part of our garden in which you can find ancient fruit trees) where the ingredients and objects that Incantina needs to make this fantastic recipe are hidden.

Download the adventure booklet here


The circle of skills

It looks like a simple skill path but it hides some secrets and each tool has something special. Follow Incantina la Leprottina and discover the secrets of this path and challenge your skills with your family!

Download the adventure booklet here


Zig Zag of emotions

What color is happiness?

A zigzag path to discover positive emotions and their opposites. Have fun guessing what lies behind each emoticon and assign a color to the feeling you feel.

Download the adventure booklet here